• How to implement risk management to quality management system?

    In this part of the paper only changes related to implementation of risk management are discussed. It should be noted, that there are other changes in the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which are not of interest to this article.
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  • Risk Management in ISO standards

    The issue of risk in management systems appeared in the ISO standards in 1996, with the publication of ISO 13335-1. It was developed by ISO 13335-3 in 1998. Those standards were developed in context of information security. Their approach was adopted by standard for information security management systems (ISO 27001:2005).
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  • Myth of added value of inspection

    Whenever I ask during training whether quality inspection creates added value for the client, I get an affirmative answer. Participants argue that, inspection eliminates defective products, so thanks to this customer receives good quality product. Clear evidence of the added value. Perhaps, but only on the assumption that the client expects something other than a good quality product.
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  • Quality of management

    Quality of work should be seen as an integral component of quality of life. It is the issue of growing importance in today's job market. It is bound by different authors with satisfaction from work, subjective well-being of workers (Connell, Burgess, Hannif 2008, 62). But these is a simplified approach.
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