Quality management in project

Quality management in project

This scientific book sheds light on the crucial aspect of quality management in projects, which has been emphasized in standards and publications for years. However, research indicates that the practical implementation of quality management falls short of the declarations made by standards authors. Often, project managers prioritize exceeding budgets, adhering to schedules or dealing with unexpected issues over quality management due to time constraints.

This monograph stems from extensive research that aimed to identify existing solutions and develop a coherent concept of quality management in projects. The research also endeavoured to integrate various quality management schools and project management approaches to isolate good practices, irrespective of their origin.

Despite the importance of quality management in projects, the literature lacks research that demonstrates how managers and project teams manage quality in a comprehensive manner. Interviews with experienced project managers highlight that quality is not given priority as a key aspect of project management.

This book integrates existing knowledge on quality management in projects and highlights areas that require further research. These areas are based on identified gaps in scientific achievements and shortcomings observed in the study of over five hundred project managers and members.

The publication (in Polish) can be found at the publisher's website.